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My Staff App

You must be willing to put time and effort into the server.
Your game-time must exceed 24 hours.
You must not have applied more than three times this month.
You must not have any warnings on the Forums.
You must not argue/complain if you are denied. This will ruin your chances of becoming Staff in the future.
Please Fill Out The Template Below:


First Name:Ryan


Your first language:English

Date of Birth:05/15/01

Steam ID :

Your in-game name:Vaccines=Autism

How many hours can you play on average a day?:8 or So

How many hours can you play on average a week?:24 #NoLife

Have you fully read, understood and agreed to the Rules?:Yes


What does 'RDM' stand for?:Random Death Match

What does 'NLR' stand for?:New Life Rule

What does 'RDA' stand for?:Random Death Arrest

Give an example of all four:

RDM:This guy pissed off another guy in out of character chat. Then proceeded to find him on the map and kill him on the spot.

NLR:I was farming printers in my base. Then some guys show up wanting to raid me;then I get killed.If I then go back to my base to continue the defense. That is breaking NLR.

CDM:A guy is speeding down the road way faster than he should be. He then continues to hit someone crossing the street. Maybe he did not have the intention to kill him;however, he will be punished.

RDA:When a cop has gotten a little bit too power hungry for his own good. So he decides to go out and arrest some poor bystander. This is not like CDM he knew what he was doing is wrong. And should receive the punishment equal to his crime.

A user is prop-spamming, how do you handle this?Big Grinelete the props warn him then continue on my way. If he continues to do this; he will be caged props deleted and warned. If this progresses the punishments will only get worse.

A donor is prop-spamming, how do you handle this?:The same as the none donor. If I do become staff after all. I am supposed to be the fair median. I will do my best to hold that to your standards and maybe go beyond.

What is 'FearRP'?:The concept of not withholding the RP rules. In a sense when I point a gun at you in real life your going to do as I say. Your going to get out of the car etc. However when they FearRP they disruard this and try to make an escape.

What is 'FailRP'?:It is were the people playing on the server do not follow their job roles. In a sense the Gun Dealer does not go raiding etc. This is essentially breaking the server in two. After all it is called DarkRP your supposed to do your role.

Give an example of both:

FearRP:A guy just killed my bud in a raid. I got away with my life, so this is not breaking NLR. So I pull a gun on him while is idle in his car. Then start using voice chat to get out. Not wanting to die he books it in his car. If this was real life I doubt he would of done something so risky. Therefore breaking RP.

FailRP:A cop would be breaking RP if he followed a person in criminal class for being that class. If he was following RP he would of thought he was just another guy on the street. However since this is a game after all, he has the knowledge of what illegal activities he may engage in.

You've witnessed a fellow staff member RDM and shrug it off, how do you handle this?:
Try to get solid proof that this has happened. Then turn in my findings to the appropriate authorities.

As a Staff member, you are expected to treat all players equally. What does it mean to be biased?:To favor a specific party in a favorable manor. Which as a staff I find appalling.(Assuming I am the only staff on) In the moment I will try to treat each party as equals. How I would like to be treated like if I was dealing with a admin.

A user is disrespecting you, shouting offensive slurs at you. He says his reasoning behind this is because he thinks you aren't doing your job correctly. How do you handle this?:Mute in-game and continue  on my way. If he request assistance from an admin I will temporarily unmute him and try to treat him as a equal. Then mute him again.

Tell us why you'd be a good addition to our Staff team (8 full sentences or more!):I am on constantly. I love playing Garry’s Mod. Just in the past 2 weeks  I have put like 60 hours into Garry’s Mod. I love playing this game and I would love to help out some people and community at the same time. I really need something to throw myself at. That will make an impact in a community and people and their experience. If I invested time as a Staff Member I believe I could expand my knowledge of Garry’s Mod and what is possible. New knowledge to expand PROTECTIONRP horzion.

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