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Accepted Sus Cat's Staff Application

Sus Cat

Trial Mod
Trial Mod
Jan 17, 2023
Reaction score
Ingame Usernames (Include any you have used): Sus Cat

Discord Username: Filoselle#0001

Region: N.A EDT

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:28870362

How active are you?: 4-6 hours weekdays, 6-8 weekends (Activity is based around work schedule)

Age: (You must be 15+ in order to apply): 20

How many warns do you have on record? (Less than 3): 0

Do you have a working microphone? (Not Needed): Yes

How many hours do you currently have on our server? (Use !time to check, 12h play time is required to apply): 1D 15H 16M

What is your current level in the server?: Supporter

Do you have any previous experience being a Staff Member?: Yes, I owned several servers (Down due to lack of income) and moderated for a couple many years ago (Only one I can recall is wolf network)

Why do you want to join our staff team?: (2-3 sentences minimum): I would like to join the staff team due to the fantastic dynamic you folks have, the friendly banter between and managements way of handling it all. The ability to support and help others with their issues has always been a habit I hold close to me, and being able to do it on a server I play often is a fantastic opportunity I do not want to miss. As well as being able to spread that kindness in a way not just by roleplaying, but by handling sits, enforcing the rules in a kind manner that leaves not just players, but everyone satisfied. I as well have done some supervision in the real world and would love to put that to the test on ProtectionRP in whatever way I can.

Why should you be accepted onto the staff team?: (2-3 sentences minimum): I come with a specific set of skills that enables me to enforce rules in a satisfying but point making manner, that isn't controversial. I also have a fantastic relationship with a lot of the players in the community already, and being able to use that to keep the server happy and growing is essential to being on the team. Already having a fantastic dynamic with the staff members as well allows everyone to keep working as a team to provide a better server experience, and asisst those who need it.

Are you fond of our current server rules and punishments?: (Y/N): Y

Have you resigned from anywhere else recently?: (Y/N): N

Scenario Based Questions
1. If a player bases with a friend and the friend steals from their printer; resulting in a ticket, how would you handle the situation?: First I would read the report, and start a sit, then I will check their warns, and confirm there are no prior warns for insiding. If no prior history, I will issue a verbal warn and let them know it isn't allowed and if it continues they will be warned.

2. Someone is prop spamming, everywhere. What steps would you take to alleviate the situation?: First I would investigate the issue, spectating or teleporting to them. If they were intentionally causing issues, I would ask them to remove their props and ask them to stop the spamming, if they fail to stop, I would issue a warn and jail.

3. If a player starts screaming racist or homophobic slurs, what would you do?: Immediately gag/mute them and hand them a warn for Racism. Any sort of bypass or repetiton after the mute is a 1-2W Ban.

4. If a player admits to cheating, and you cloak yourself to investigate, and the player begins pointing their physgun at you, how would you handle this?: I would clip the situation and start spectating to confirm it while having a clip software ready, if it is persistent I would hand a permanent ban

5. A player is running around Mass RDMing while screaming slurs; what steps would you take to deal with the situation?: I would have to perform a 1-3W ban for Mass RDM and hand them the necessary warns. I would also extend it if necessary.

Ending Questions / Guidelines
Do you understand that lying in your application is an instant denial? (Y/N): Y

Do you understand that you need to remain active unless you post an inactivity report in our discord? (Y/N): Y

Do you understand that you need to have 12h played time on our server before applying, you will be instantly denied if you do not meet this requirement: (Y/N): Y

Do you understand that sharing this application with anyone, including staff will get you instantly denied?: (Y/N): Y


New member
Jan 19, 2023
Reaction score
+rep, well detailed app. Well within the requirements. Past experience helps a tonne. Also seen in game, never had a bad interaction with them.
Give them a shot!


ProtectionRP Staff
Aug 12, 2022
Reaction score
Accepted, Welcome to the team