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IMPORTANT ProtectionRP Server Rules

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Aug 12, 2022
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ProtectionRP Handbook
Revision: 16 August 2022


Welcome to ProtectionRP! We’re so happy you chose to come to join us, and we’re so excited to have you. But before you jump right into the roleplay, we’d appreciate it if you read through the handbook. It contains a lot of important information regarding our DarkRP rules, guidelines, tips, and tricks, to ensure YOU have the best possible experience.

DarkRP Rules

Our rules are important and expected to be followed at ALL times, by ALL members of our server. If you see someone breaking a rule, make a report by typing @ in chat, or by opening the report menu with F11

Our moderation team is trained to handle and understand all rules. They have the final say in any given situation. If you feel your situation was handled improperly, please make a staff report on our forums

1. General Server Rules

Please be respectful at all times. Any form of harassment, racism, sexism, discrimination, etc. is prohibited, both in OOC and in any form of local/direct messaging.

Remember, this is a game, so please treat it as such; if you are intentionally trying to ruin or disrupt gameplay you will be removed.

Actions will be considered disruptive when you are bothering others without any incentive to do so (blocking players while building, following players around mic-spamming, etc.)

No advertising any other websites, servers, products, etc. Roleplay-based advertising is allowed (i.e advertising your gun store, hit services, etc.)

Any form of hacking/scripting/malicious exploiting will be met with an immediate permanent ban from our servers.

Macros are considered scripting. Console binds are allowed unless you are abusing them.

No NSFW/pornographic content of any kind. ERP is also prohibited.

This includes any NSFW videos on media players, sprays, links to websites, etc.

Offensive names are prohibited, and your name will be forcefully changed by staff if deemed inappropriate.

Scamming is not allowed, no matter your job/class.

Real-world transactions for in-game items are prohibited. If you are scammed due to an attempted real-world transaction, we will not be able to help you.

Self-supply is prohibited. If no active gun dealers are online, you may self-supply.

Damaging or killing other players without a valid reason is considered RDM.

This applies to your friends as well. RDM as a joke is still RDM and will be treated as such.

If you get RDMed, make a report in-game. If you go back and kill the player, it is considered Revenge RDM.

Once you die in-game, NLR is in effect for 5 minutes. Returning to the location of death, or any kind of revenge killing after death is considered breaking NLR.

After the timer is up, you may return to the location. This applies to raid DEFENDERS as well, but attackers must end the raid once they die.

If you are RDMed and are 100% it was RDM, you may return. Please make a report just to be safe.

If you die to a hitman who had a hit on you, you may return, but you may not interact with the hitman for the duration of the NLR timer.

Being arrested does not trigger NLR, however, the RP scenario between you and the arresting officer ends. You may not revenge kill them after.

No mic-spamming is allowed, unless you are a Hobo or DJ INSIDE of a designated base/stationary area.

Ear-rape or excessively loud noises are prohibited.

The “stationary area” must not be within microphone distance from any base that has not given permission to the hobo/DJ.

Impersonating other members of the community is not allowed under any circumstances.

Having the same name/1 letter difference is also not allowed, as it creates confusion for the moderation team.

Impersonating a member of the moderation team will result in severe punishment.

Alternate accounts are prohibited for any reason.

If you are caught benefitting from an alternate account (giving yourself money, crates, etc.) both accounts will be banned.

Ban evading is not allowed. If caught, your main account will receive a ban extension, up to a permanent ban, if severe enough.

Running into spawn to avoid an RP or combat scenario is not allowed. Spawn is considered a roleplay-free zone.

Listen to members of the moderation team at all times. They have the final say.

In order to Terror, you must either be on Terrorist or a custom class that has paid for the ability to do terror. There is a 30-minute cooldown on this ability per person, and a
GLOBAL cooldown of 10 minutes. You may ONLY use explosives during the terror. You may only terror for 2 mins max after issuing the terror command.

In order to kill a player after warning them; you must "/advert warn 1/2/3" a total of 3 times. The 3rd advert must be 10 seconds after the second warning.

  1. You CAN NOT chase someone down who you're warning. If they leave the area, the warning is invalid.
  2. In order to warn someone, they must be in your proximity; and you must be providing clear confirmation of who you're warning. Failure to do so is RDM.
You may not use any model that is smaller than the default citizen model in roleplay scenarios. This excludes Jobs with set playermodels below the normal size.

You may not abuse the dance/emote system during rp scenarios.

Do not afk limited jobs you could be warned for this.

II. Building/Basing Rules

  1. Bases must be confined within a building area. This means no building on sidewalks, roads, into or around other’s bases, or in the sky.​
    1. Certain classes are exempt, however, they may ONLY build in the designated areas they are allowed (i.e hobo’s can build in public spaces)​
    2. Law enforcement is allowed to create checkpoints in front of the PD if approved by the current mayor (if there is no mayor, checkpoints are not allowed).​
    3. High staff must approve of any bases not within a building.​
  2. Building signs are required to be placed at the main entrance, and be visible (75-100 text)​
    1. No raidables are allowed in the base with a building sign up.​
    2. Buildings with a visible building sign may not be raided. If you hear/see raidables, make an in-game report.​
    3. KOS signs may not be up at the same time building signs are.​
  3. KOS signs are required to be placed at the main entrance, and be visible (75-100 text)​
    1. KOS signs do not apply to the sidewalk outside of a base.​
    2. KOS reasons must be either no specific reason (i.e KOS past sign, KOS all reasons) or any life/base threatening reasons (i.e KOS if weapon/raid tools out)​
    3. KOS reasons such as “KOS if annoying”, and “KOS if speaking” are not allowed.​
  4. Players may only own one base/building at a time.​
    1. Mega-bases are an exception but must be approved by high staff.​
    2. Law enforcement is not allowed to own bases but may build in the PD.​
    3. Owning a base means owning the majority of the world's doors. If you own world doors in multiple buildings, you will be asked to sell the doors in one of them.​
    4. Certain jobs are assigned doors, and ONLY that job may base there. (i.e Casino Manager owns Casino, Banker owns Bank). This counts as their one base.​
  5. Bases are only required to have 1 entrance, and a max of 4 fading doors.​
    1. Fading doors must have a hold time of at least 5 seconds.​
    2. Keypads must be visible and clear as to which door it opens.​
    3. You may not require raiders to crouch or jump in order to get inside.​
    4. Unused doors may be blocked off with props, however, you may not have any raidables closed off behind the prop.​
    5. World Doors count as a door, unless you open the door and keep it open.​
  6. One-way props are permitted, only as a means to observe.​
    1. Any shooting windows must be transparent and button-activated.​
  7. No insiding is allowed, if you base with someone you may not steal from them. (IE: Printers, Bitminers, Weed, Meth, etc.)
  8. A base may only have 6 turns, which are considered 180* turns.
  9. Shooting windows must have the same level of visibility for both players. And, the limit on visibility is 2 blocks; anything less is considered a failbase.
  10. No flashing props are permitted.
  11. Bases must not force a player to jump/crouch to maneuver through it
  12. Temporary allowing oil rig job users to build bases.

III. Raiding Rules

  1. You may only initiate raids with the intent to actually raid the base. Adverting raid as an excuse to kill players it not allowed.​
  2. Solo 'base' raids do not require adverts. You must still advert if your solo raiding PD or Bank.​
  3. When using a raid tool of any kind you must advert Raid. When ending a raid, whether it be leaving the area or dying, you must advert Over.​
    1. Players in your party may assist but must advert as well.​
    2. Raids must begin at the ENTRANCE to a base. You may not advert and begin raiding if you are already inside the base.​
  4. Once you have raided a base, you may not raid the same base for 15 minutes, starting from the moment you advert Over.​
    1. You may raid other bases immediately after ending a raid, however the timer applies to each base you finish raiding.​
    2. This cooldown applies to PD and bank as well.​
  5. Raids may only last up to 15 minutes from the moment you advert. This prevents camping.​
    1. Defenders are permitted to return mid-raid, as long as they wait for NLR.​
  6. While raiding, anyone inside the base may be killed. The owner of the base may be killed outside, only if he is nearby.​
    1. Any players who advert counter or are threatening you may be killed. Additionally, any players who are loitering or attempting to interfere may be killed.​
  7. Your first attempt at lockpicking/keypad cracking counts as initiating the raid.​
    1. You cannot lockpick “as a joke”. Any form of raiding counts.​
  8. You may counter raid as long as you intend to take over the raid. Countering as a means of defending a base is not allowed, you must finish the raid.​
    1. Base defense is permitted by base members, and by players, the owner allows to defend.​
    2. Law enforcement is an exception and may defend any base they see being raided.​
  9. Blind fire is not permitted by defenders. Attackers may launch explosives inside the base, but cannot shoot the outside of the base in an attempt to kill through the wall.​
  10. Stealing is allowed by all raiding classes, only if you advert Steal before picking up the item.​
    1. You cannot camp NPCs; waiting for players to sell their drugs with the intention to sell them first. You will be required to return the money.​
  11. Once a raid has started, defenders must not use their toolgun/physgun or spawn any props until the raid is over. They must stay the entire raid.​
    1. Leaving during a raid to despawn your raidables is a bannable offense.​
    2. Abusing the sit feature during a raid to avoid dying is considered exploiting.​
    3. Intentionally destroying your raidables is a bannable offense​
    4. Once a raid has started, defenders must not use their toolgun/physgun or spawn any props until the raid is over. They must stay the entire raid.​
    5. If raided and printers are taken from you, you are required to alot 20 mins of use time before reconnecting to gain them back! Otherwise this is considered ltarp!​

IV. Advert/OOC Chat Rules

  1. Any gameplay-related adverts (Raid, Mug, Kidnap, Crossfire, etc.) must clearly state what the advert is. Adverts accompanied by a message are fine, but shouldn’t be over the top.​
    1. You should not have “umbrella adverts” (/advert Raid/PD Raid/Counter/Assist). They must clearly define what your intention is.​
    2. All adverts are considered as roleplay and can be acted upon as such.​
    3. Adverts need to only contain 1 type in each advert. (You cannot PD Raid / Bank Raid / Raid / Counter / Assist / Hit Complete) etc.​
  2. When starting a raid, all participating players must advert.​
  3. In any type of roleplay event that requires an advert, the advert must be announced BEFORE any roleplay can occur.​
    1. Kidnappings, muggings, raids, and thefts all require adverts.​
  4. Adverts are to be used for roleplay situations only. Spamming random messages in advert will lead to a mute.​
  5. OOC stands for out-of-character and is to be used as such. Any roleplay information relayed through OOC is considered metagaming.​
  6. While OOC is a way for players to talk, the talks should remain civil and appropriate. Political/racist/hate speech/toxic behavior has no place here and will result in a mute.​

V. Mugging/Kidnapping/Hitman Rules

  1. Only one person may mug at a time. You cannot have a group mug one person and expect a payout to every single mugger.​
    1. You may also only mug one person at a time. You cannot mug a whole group of people.​
  2. Mugging has a cooldown of 5 minutes, and you can’t mug the same person for 20 minutes.​
  3. The maximum amount you can mug for is $35k, and you must give at least 10 seconds.​
    1. Chasing a player around and adverting mug with the intention to kill them is not allowed. They must be standing relatively still in front of you.​
  4. Victims may not break FearRP, you may kill your victim if they pull a gun/run away.​
  5. You must wait 20 minutes in between each kidnap, and you cannot kidnap the same person for 30 minutes.​
    1. You may not hold one person for longer than 30 minutes.​
    2. You may hold more than one person hostage.​
  6. You may not kill your hostage without a valid reason. If a ransom is not paid, then you can.​
    1. The maximum amount for ransom is $500,000; this goes for any keypad payments.​
    2. FearRP applies to those being kidnapped.​
  7. Hitmen cannot ask others to place hits on a specific player. This is considered targeting, and failrp.​
    1. Similarly, you cannot place hits on one player over and over.​

VI. Government Rules

  1. The mayor may not create laws that restrict movement of any kind.​
    1. This includes jaywalking, sprinting, crouching, jumping, grappling, etc.​
  2. The mayor cannot create laws that go against server rules or preset laws.​
    1. If a member of the moderation team asks you to change a law, you change it.​
    2. Encouraging rule-breaking is a bannable offense.​
  3. The mayor cannot create laws that make specific jobs/players illegal.​
  4. The mayor must announce the reason behind a lockdown​
    1. Lockdowns cannot last longer than 10 minutes​
    2. During the lockdown, citizens are to be given 1 warning to get inside, then they may be arrested/killed.​
  5. The mayor may only own a pistol for self-defense. They cannot enforce the law.​
  6. Default weapons, such as physgun and toolgun, cannot be made illegal at all.​
    1. Perma weapons also may not be made illegal to own. You are allowed to make laws prohibiting open carry of these weapons, however.​
  7. Checkpoints are permitted in front of the PD.​
    1. Tolls are permitted, however, there must be at least one path from one side to the other that isn’t locked behind a paid keypad.​
    2. Fading doors inside of a checkpoint are allowed, but they must be raidable. (i.e can’t be operated by a button that is inaccessible)​
    3. Checkpoints cannot block off the law board.​
  8. Government cannot conduct any illegal activities.​
  9. Any PD build (besides a checkpoint) must stay inside of the PD.​
  10. Law enforcement cannot kill or abuse arrested players for no reason.​
  11. Law enforcement may only warrant for things they have witnessed, or for things that have been reported to them in an RP manner.​
    1. Using information from OOC to warrant people is metagaming.​
    2. Law enforcement is not required to advert when raiding with a warrant.​
  12. Switching to law enforcement to allow others to raid the bank is prohibited.​
    1. Asking/paying others to switch is also not allowed.​
  13. Bankers are the only ones allowed to base inside of the bank.​
    1. Guards may be hired to base with bankers. Raiders cannot.​
    2. “Corrupt bankers” are not allowed. Your job is to defend the bank, you cannot let players raid it in exchange for a cut of the money.​

Job Specific Rules

These rules do not apply to everyone, only to these specific jobs/classes. Unless you are playing in one of these classes, you do not need to follow these rules.

As stated previously, the moderation team has the final say on all decisions regarding these rules. If you have any questions/clarifications about these rules, feel free to ask a moderator in-game or in the discord.

Job Classes

Some of these jobs are bound under a set of rules regarding the class they are in. While the in-game job menu is mostly accurate, this will clarify these classes for all players.

Government/Law Enforcement

This class is meant to create, uphold, and enforce the laws of the server.

Members of this class include:
Monkey Officer
Police Officer
Police Chief
Mayor’s Guard
Swat Medic
Swat Sniper
Swat Leader
Swat Commander

Mayor’s Daughter*

Bank Guard

Basic rules regarding this class:
Cannot raid (without a warrant), mug, kidnap, or steal
No illegal activity
No basing (apart from PD/Bank)
You may own raidables only if they are in the bank
Can own weapons

Mayor may only own a pistol for defending himself.


This class is full of the criminals of the server. They are allowed to raid and steal.

Members of this class include:
Pro Thief
Master Thief
The Joker/Harley Quinn
Bounty Hunter*
Crazed Doctor
Bloodz Members
Crips Members
Italian Gang Members
Russian Gang Members

Basic rules regarding these classes:
Can raid, mug, kidnap, and steal
Can base
Can own raidables
Can base with merchants/moneymakers
Can own weapons

Hitmans can only raid if the base is related to a current hit
Kidnappers must wait 20 minutes between kidnappings, and must /advert kidnap when doing so.


These guys are the ones who sell a product/service in order to make money.

Members of this class include:
Gun Dealer (Heavy and WAW)
Blackmarket Dealer
Cigarette Manufacturer
Cocaine Manufacturer
Bitcoin Miner
Car Dealer
Casino Owner
Illegal Firework Maker
Lean Producer
Meth Cook
Retro Miner
Vape Dealer
Weed Grower
Hotel Manager
Movie Theater Manager

Basic rules regarding this class:
Cannot raid, mug, kidnap, or steal
Can base
Can own raidables
Can base with raiders
Can own weapons for self-defense

Neutral/Roleplay Only

This class is for jobs that are completely roleplay based.

Members of this class include:
City Worker
Giga Chad
Hobo/Hobo Leader*
Lurker/Lurker Leader**
Club Owner*
Cat/Disgusted Cat
Runner Master
Fightclub Manager*

Basic rules regarding this class:
Cannot raid, mug, kidnap, or steal
Cannot base
Cannot own raidables
Cannot own weapons

The entertainer can build ROLEPLAY bases regarding their job title. May not have fading doors.
Lurker & Lurker Leader can own weapons, but may ONLY use them to kill players entering the sewers.

Non Rp Dwarf

Moderator and Punishment Guidelines

This section is to give the moderation team an idea of what is expected of them. It also lets the community know what to expect of our moderation team, and if anything seems too out of line, allows them to refer to this section when filing a report.

Warning System:

Warnings will be issued to players caught breaking rules. Most, if not all offenses will result in an automatic warning. Punishments are based on a 4-strike system. Your 1st offense will result in the minimum punishment, and your 4th offense being the maximum. Further offenses may result in a permanent ban. Moderators may issue multiple punishments at a time or combine punishments.


Server Punishments
First Offense
Second OffenseThird OffenseFourth Offense
Random Death MatchWARNINGWarn + 2-3m JailKickWARN + 5M JAIL
Mass RDM (5+ kills)1-3W BAN + WARNINGN/AN/AN/A
Leaving to avoid punishment (LTAP)1W BAN + ADDITIONSN/AN/AN/A
Leaving to avoid roleplay (LTARP)
Exploits / Bug AbuseMINOR - WARNING4D - PERMAN/AN/A
Suicidal Encouragement
Racism [Situational, use common sense]WARNING / MUTE & GAG 5 MINS1-2W BANN/AN/A
Interrupting SitsWARNINGWARN + KICK1-3D BANN/A
Hacks / ScriptsPERM BAN
ScammingPERM BAN

10 warns: 3 day ban.
15 warns: 1 week ban.
20 warns: 2-3 week ban
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Aug 12, 2022
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8/12/2022 Update:
  • No insiding is allowed, if you base with someone you may not steal from them. (IE: Printers, Bitminers, Weed, Meth, etc.)


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ProtectionRP Staff
Super Admin
Aug 12, 2022
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Rule update. 9/19/2022 General rules
You may not use any model that is smaller than the default citizen model in roleplay scenarios. This excludes Jobs with set playermodels below the normal size.

You may not abuse the dance/emote system during rp scenarios.

Do not afk limited jobs you could be warned for this.

Basing Rules

Bases must not force a player to jump/crouch to maneuver through it

Expect rules to be added or changed we are looking into updating em and or changing.


Super Admin
ProtectionRP Staff
Super Admin
Aug 12, 2022
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Building/basing rules #12 temporary*** till management can figure something out concerning issues with this job


Super Admin
ProtectionRP Staff
Super Admin
Aug 12, 2022
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Raiding rules, Rule 11 added Section 5< has always been a thing just officially stated now


Super Admin
ProtectionRP Staff
Super Admin
Aug 12, 2022
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Rule update 1/23/2023 Fading doors have been reduced to 4. Expect more changes in the future!
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